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Our mission is to utilize open source technologies and decentralized funding methods to support projects and organizations tackling the world's greatest challenges. And we believe that the principles of effective altruism provide one of the most robust frameworks for prioritizing our efforts. Whether it's helping poor, disadvantaged, and vulnerable populations, encouraging good stewardship of the planet, or maintaining internet freedoms that enable basic human rights online, we are ready to do more.

Decentralized Applications

Public, permissionless apps running smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain are some of the primary tools we use to promote our charitable, nonprofit goals.Learn more >>

Public API

An application programming interface is how researchers and developers can hook into large datasets on a given topic. Fugue Foundation wants to build such a resource for the effective altruism community.Learn more >>

Cryptocurrency Grants

We periodically announce grants for eligible EA organizations to receive. Denominated in crypto, we believe these proposals offer novel ways for nonprofits to explore new ways to achieve their charitable goals.Read the latest >>

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Blockchain Consultation

We are helping our nonprofit partners find new ways to integrate blockchain technology into their adminstrative and fundraising practices. We are not financial advisors. Instead we assist organizations in navigating technical frontiers, for example, how to best harness the unique properties and capabilities of cryptocurrencies, onboarding them into the new digital economy wherever possible and practical.

Want to quantify the impact of a crypto donation?Check out our calculator! Want to play a game that blends charity with blockchain? Try our EA Quest!

Effective altruism on the blockchain

Charity Research and Donation Platform

Research Charities...

Learn more about some of the most impactful nonprofit organizations in the world. What topics are they pursuing, and what makes them so effective?

Donate crypto, measure impact

Send ETH/ERC20 tokens directly to a curated list of charities and gauge the potential impact of that donation upon the world.


...and Charity Evaluators

What criteria is used to select a top charity? How does a donor know their donation is achieving maximum impact for saving or improving lives? Good questions to ask.

Open Source and Decentralized

Smart contracts deployed on Ethereum, a public API, an Angular frontend: We love using open source to draw a direct line between the altruist and the nonprofits in the field s/he supports.Demo >>

Because the world won't save itself

Do more

We're a small, but committed, private nonprofit foundation founded in 2018. If you represent a like-minded organization and are looking to explore innovative ways of promoting EA, then dive into the code in one of our Github repos, check out our blog posts, or contact us at info [at] fuguefoundation [dot] org.

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