Fugue Foundation

Mission Statement

A better world through effective altruism and open source, decentralized technology.

Core Principles

  • Applying tenants of effective altruism to achieve maximum impact for all actions taken and charities supported
  • Helping poor, disadvantaged, and vulnerable populations
  • Facilitating personal empowerment, freedom of thought, and self-sovereignty
  • Encouraging good stewardship of the planet and its limited natural resources
  • Developing an internet that is open, privacy-centric, censorship resistant and decentralized

Strategic Goals

  • One of the greatest and most sustainable way to help a person is to enable them to help themselves. Education and knowledge are among the most effective ways to achieve this type of empowerment and self-reliance. One of the best methodologies to achieve this is to teach people how to think, not what to think. We see effective altruism principles, mindfulness meditation, and stoic philosophy as primary vehicles for getting there.
  • We believe that everybody succeeds when women are empowered as individuals to make choices over their own lives, to access opportunities without facing obstacles imposed on them through religious extremism.
  • There is only one planet and it has finite resources. We all need air to breath and water to drink, the cleaner the better. Yet more and more trees are cut down each day, potable water grows increasingly scare, and few people appreciate the role that animal agriculutre factors into this equation. We seek to fund programs and projects combatting against these threats.
  • Almost 50% of the world’s population lives on less than 2.50 USD per day. There are many complicated reasons for this - economics, over-population, lack of quality education, epidemic diseases, environmental problems - but at the root of it lies a question of employment. We believe that the development and administration of blockchain-based technology will be a key resource and value distribution mechanism for tomorrow’s workforce. It is therefore imperative to help onboard organizations and users alike into this new digital economy. But to get there, and to bring everyone along for the ride, it will take more than awareness, training, and determination. It will take practical applications for the technology itself to prove its utility, along with a new generation of developers with the necessary skillset to support and innovate these apps, filling a void where current solutions prove ineffective or insufficient.

Key Resources

Fugue Foundation is a private foundation and is presently not seeking public donation.

  • See Platform to see the open source projects we are developing.
  • We actively seek input and partnership with other research and nonprofit organizations within the effective altruism community. See Partnerships and Grants.
  • Decentralized finance and governance models through blockchain technology are cutting edge resources that enable personal liberty and self-sovereignty. The Fugue Foundation will utilize these tools whenever possible.
  • In the spirit of decentralization, we believe in self-organizing principles when feasible, where identified organizations or individuals aligned with our strategic goals are empowered to manage resources for themselves.

Road map


  • Establish board and file for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status
  • Deploy version 1.0 of charitable donation decentralized application (dApp)
  • Deploy version 1.0 of effective alturism application programming interface (API)
  • Explore Colony.io as a platform for grants
  • Expand partnerships within the effective altruism community

Long Term

  • Work to change existing U.S. tax laws about charitable donations of cryptocurrency
  • Expand capabilities of API and dApp
  • Publish book about creating, managing, and funding nonprofit organizations using open source technologies and decentralized blockchains


Fugue Foundation is a private nonprofit organization formed on March 9, 2018 under Arizona Revised Statutes Section 10-3201. However, because of its progressive legal approach to blockchain technology, the organization was domesticated to Wyoming on March 31, 2020.

Fugue Foundation
Wyoming Registered Agent
1621 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001